Exotic countries, vivid impressions and eternal summer are the recipes for first-class travel. The company of a beautiful and interesting woman will make it perfect. As a rule, successful, busy men do not have enough time to find a fellow traveller that matches their status and shares a love for a rich and active life.

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The best London escort review site is designed to solve this problem, allowing you to quickly and easily find a worthy companion for a wealthy man. After this choice is made, only one question remains to be resolved - where to rest, considering the coronavirus restrictions. Asia, Africa, South America - all of these continents have interesting countries to visit.


One of the most loyal countries for tourists during a pandemic. No medical documents are required from arrivals, except for insurance, which, in addition to the usual list, includes coverage of risks associated with COVID-19. Otherwise, there are no prohibitions and self-restriction for tourists and residents. This policy of the authorities naturally led to a sharp increase in the popularity of this destination among travellers all over the world. Zanzibar has hundreds of kilometres of white sand beaches, amazingly clear water of the Indian Ocean and luxury hotels with excellent cuisine. Beach holidays and diving here are some of the best in the world, the local flavour and friendly population evoke a lot of positive emotions. Hotel service in Zanzibar is still inferior to competing countries, the choice of premium hotels is not so great. A wealthy man who can afford elite escort services will be provided by the most luxurious of all hotels on the island - Park Hyatt Zanzibar. It is housed in two buildings, one of which is Mambo Msiige, a typical Zanzibar mansion steeped in history, grace and luxury. Park Hyatt Zanzibar offers both the discerning and discerning traveller a rare, intimate and memorable experience from spacious rooms and authentic cuisine to breathtaking views from the oceanfront infinity pool.

Beach hut on the end of a rickety pier


All tourists arriving in Dubai must have a certificate with a negative coronavirus test, made no later than 72 hours before departure. In March 2021, quarantine restrictions were lifted, bars, restaurants and other entertainment establishments are working as usual. Dubai is known for its hedonistic lifestyle; many girls who choose an escort dream of getting there. There will be no problems with the choice of luxury hotels, restaurants and nightclubs in this city. Perhaps one of Dubai's most recognizable hotels, the Burj Al Arab, has an impressive height of 321 meters and is designed to resemble a sail. This 5-star hotel boasts 24-karat gold interiors. It has exquisite amenities that no one else offers, from its own helipad and the luxury and spa on the 18th floor, to the most expensive cocktail in the world. Of the nightclubs, the most premium is White Dubai, with whiskey prices starting at $ 2,000 per bottle.


Those wishing to visit Mexico do not need to worry about certificates and tests, all they have to do is fill out an electronic form and indicate in it the data on previous trips for the calendar year. Mexico is insanely diverse. It has border towns, beach resorts, deserts, vast megacities, jungles, and magnificent ocean coast. It is a huge country capable of offering any level of relaxation. The most popular places to visit include the country's capital, Mexico City, the hot and bustling Cancun, and the ancient Indian city of Tulum. Besides the famous pyramids and ruins of ancient buildings, Tulum is famous for its soft white sandy beaches and relaxed atmosphere. Geographically, this city consists of two parts: a small settlement and a beach strip. Among tourists who combine London escorts with travel, the expensive and pretentious One & Only Palmilla Hotel in Los Cabos is a great success. The most famous nightclub in Mexico - Carlos'n Charlie's, is located in Cancun, and the Quattro restaurant, which is distinguished by exquisite and unusual cuisine, is in Mexico City.


To enter the Maldives, tourists must present a certificate with a negative PCR test and fill out an electronic form on the website of the Immigration Service of the Republic of Maldives, no earlier than 24 hours before arrival. This is where all the formalities end and the visitor of the islands can enjoy their vacation. A mesmerizing nature characterized by endless beaches, crystal clear waters, flora, and fauna straight out of your dreams. Welcome to the Maldives, one of the most beautiful places in the world. But what can one do in this paradise alone? Negus and pure pleasure are best experienced in pairs. Luxury vacation and an elite escort complement each other perfectly. Soneva Jani is one of the most fabulous holiday destinations in the Maldives. The high price of accommodation, from 3,000 euros per night, guarantees an exclusive range of services, including a personal butler, seaplane transfer and a private beach. As for the culinary part, the Maldives will not disappoint the most discerning gourmet; an extravagant dinner at the Ithaa underwater restaurant will remain in your memory for a long time.