Bhutan is a small landlocked country sandwiched between the world's two most populous countries, India and China. A predominantly Budhist country which doesn't feature in the news often and yet is infinitely interesting and mysterious.

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For a start Bhutan is the only carbon negative country in the world. Yes, the ONLY country in the world that removes more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than it emits. How exactly does Bhutan manage this? The Bhutan constitution mandates that 60 percent of its landmass must be protected as forest. Additionally, Bhutan has been slower to modernise than its neighbours. The first roads were only built in the 1960s which delayed the inevitable uptake of the motorcar longer than in other countries. In fact, even today, Bhutan's capital Thimphu is the only capital in Asia that has no traffic lights. Another world first for Bhutan! In addition, tourism is very much controlled ensuring a vast number of visitors are not attracted to this small country as they would normally be. If you plan to visit Bhutan you will need a passport and will also be assigned an official guide for the duration of your stay, at an unavoidable cost.

Happiest Country In The World

I bet this little country has already raised your interest. Well there is even more to Bhutan to amaze and dazzle the typical Western traveller. Bhutan is considered as the happiest country in the world, OK, maybe not officially as Finland holds that accolade according to The World Population Review but Bhutan is the country that in 2011 proposed a World Happiness Day to the United Nations. A move that brought international attention to happiness as a metric. This moved earned Bhutan the reputation of the world's happiest nation, unofficially. Maybe the happiness stems from the lack of traffic lights or possibly from the country's bizarre yet intriguing fascination with the penis! You will encounter penises of all shapes, colours and sizes painted on houses, shops and restaurants. Wooden carvings of lifesize penis's adorn buildings and sit on top of the front door of homes and places of worship. They are everywhere and you are never too far from a penis! This phallic depiction that has become very much part of Bhutan's history and culture has been around for over 500 years. Attributed to one Drukpa Kunley or The Divine Madman as often referred to. A Tibetan bhuddist monk that by all accounts was a proper ladies-man and a player. A man who was said to often get his bits and pieces out during holy rituals and perform acts we would not normally associate with divinity or Buddhism. It was even said that Drukpa Kunley would not readily bless those who came to seek his guidance unless they brought a beautiful woman and a bottle of wine with them!

Welcome sign carved in the shape of a penis

Centuries Old Phallic Symbol

This phallic symbolism remained in Bhutan's culture over the years as it still does today. It's believed that it protects householders and business owners from evil spirits and curses. Hence the reason you will still see them painted on house walls and carved into buildings and holy sites. In addition the phallic symbols promise fertility to those seeking to have children. It is used in ceremonies and events to symbolise fertility and bring good luck. The Bhutanese are not at all phased by these depictions of the penis all around them. The children barely give it a second glance having grown up with them all their lives. It's really only us, the foreign travellers to Bhutan who may at first find it strange yet intriguing but strangely after only a few days in Bhutan we too become very much at ease with having a penis in our face everywhere we turn! The power of the penis is very much evident on this tiny South Asian country and that can only be a good thing for here in the West it is very much the power of the pussy that rules!

The Power Of The Pussy

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