The tradition of Naki Sumo, or the "Crying Sumo" festival, has a long and fascinating history in Japan, dating back several centuries. It is believed to have originated during the Edo period (1603-1868) and has been passed down through generations, evolving over time.

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The primary purpose of Naki Sumo is to wish for the good health and prosperity of the infants participating in the event. The act of making babies cry during the competition is thought to drive away evil spirits, diseases, and misfortune, and to promote healthy growth and protection from harm. It is also believed to bring good luck to the babies and their families.

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The festival is typically held in the spring, as this season is associated with new beginnings and growth. The main event often takes place at the Sensoji Temple in Tokyo, but similar events can be found at various shrines and temples across Japan.

Cry Baby Cry

The sumo wrestlers who participate in Naki Sumo are considered to be powerful and spiritually strong figures. Their loud shouts and imposing presence are believed to have the ability to drive away malevolent spirits. The wrestlers use various tactics to make the babies cry, such as making exaggerated facial expressions, playful gestures, or even wearing masks or costumes to amuse and startle the infants.

Over the years, the festival has gained popularity, not only among locals but also among tourists and visitors who are curious about experiencing traditional Japanese customs. Despite some criticisms from certain quarters, Naki Sumo continues to be practiced today, as it holds significant cultural and historical value for the Japanese people.

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Seemingly Controversial

In recent times, there have been efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of the babies during the competition. The sumo wrestlers are often trained to handle infants gently and avoid causing distress. Additionally, there are guidelines and regulations in place to ensure the event is conducted in a respectful and considerate manner.

While some aspects of Naki Sumo may be seen as peculiar or controversial from an outsider's perspective, it is essential to approach cultural traditions with an understanding of their historical context and the beliefs that underpin them. Naki Sumo remains an intriguing and unique tradition that offers a glimpse into Japan's rich cultural heritage and its reverence for the well-being of children.

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