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Japan, an island nation in East Asia (6,852 islands to be precise), is a nation of technology and innovation, a major economic power and a major player in the global scene. Modern Japanese girls are not only in touch with the latest innovations and trends, they are often the trendsetters themselves. They are fun, sexy and very cheeky at times and yet still very loyal and sincere. It may take a little longer to get really close to Japanese girls but once you have it can be highly rewarding. So, it's well worth the time to get to know your Japanese date better, take it slow at first as you build up trust and get to know each other a little better. There is certainly a pot of gold waiting for you at the end of the rainbow!

London Japanese Escorts

London Japanese escorts offer their services either through an agency specialising in Orientals or as independents, dotted around London's central locations. There are an ever growing number of Japanese escorts currently working in London. Look out for a number of them listed in our main Asian escorts pages. Also, visit one of the many Asian escort agencies for an even bigger selection of the latest Japanese agency girls. Escorts from Japan command a slightly higher rate than some of the other Oriental escorts you may find in London and often work from luxury apartments in the more well to do areas such as Chelsea and Kensington in the South West or Hampstead and St Johns Wood in the North. You will find these companions to be very attentive and focused on providing a service that will not only leave you satisfied but will no doubt soon make your feel you want more!

You have taken the first step to booking a genuine Japanese companion for the night, by visiting AsianDolls.co.uk. Our extensive resource of independents and agencies in London will give you access to hundreds of Oriental London escorts, including Japanese ones. If you have a soft spot for these beauties from the land of the rising sun then spend a little time around our galleries and you are sure to find the escort Japanese girl that's perfect for you.

And when you do finally hook with with your chosen girl from Japan, you can impress her with your knowledge of her amazing country by quoting the amazing fact below. If that doesn't impress her we don't know what will!

Did you know: Japan has more than 50,000 people who are 100 plus years old!

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Girls From The Far East

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