In such a competitive world it’s no wonder that there are league tables and standings for all sorts of things, football teams, songs and even schools but I bet you never imagined that a league table of world passports existed!

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Yes, there is ranking system of the world's passports which are ranked by their cross-border access called the Passport index.

The index shows at a glance which country’s passports will get you in to other countries either without a visa or with the ability to easily obtain a visa at your destination airport. There are a number of criteria but essentially the passport which gives you visa-free access to the most number of countries will take the accolade of topping the Passport Index. After all, who doesn’t want to feel welcomed in the country they visit and not requiring a visa to visit a country is the first step to making you feel welcomed.

For a while now, the number one passport to hold had been the German one, giving you access to some 158 countries but now there is a new kid on the block. For the first time ever the top international passport to hold, according to this index, is from an Asian country, Singapore. In fact, there are three other Asian countries in the top 20; Japan, South Korea and Malaysia. This accolade is testimony to Singapore’s political structure, their skills in diplomacy and of course their foreign policies and how they enact these policies. Singapore’s standing in the world and their relationships with other countries have got them to a place that was usually reserved for superpowers such as the USA and at one time the UK.

For a country that only obtained its independence from the UK in 1963, Singapore has come a long way very quickly. The country is a world leader in many economic sectors such as financial, manufacturing and oil refining industries which have fueled the development of this modern country with an envied education, communications and health care system. All this make Singapore a real success story from Asia and have all helped to make the Singaporean passport number one in the Passport Index, at least for the meantime.